School Uniform

At University of Canberra High School Kaleen it is the policy of the School and the Community that all students wear the prescribed school uniform. The uniform promotes easy recognition and student safety.  Wearing the school uniform demonstrates a sense of pride for the School and our local community.

UCHSK uniforms are available for purchase from Working Gear Schools. Please see the order form below for instructions on how to order..

Please note, the formal school uniform is optional. However, it is available to purchase if you feel it is appropriate for your child.

Working Gear Schools - UCHS Kaleen Order Form

Working Gear Schools website

Ph: 6280 5885

The Approved Uniform:



Jacket Options



Physical Education

All students are required to change into the appropriate PE uniform for lessons and activities. PE lessons cannot be done in the formal day uniform.




Excursions and Events

Students must wear uniform at all times when on an excursion or representing the school (unless stipulated by organising teacher).