The Mathematics course, which is studied by all students at UCHSK, follows the Australian Curriculum across all its Essential Strands: Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics and Probability. Learning mathematics creates opportunities and enriches the lives of all Australians. Practical opportunities to test and utilise these skills are offered to show students how to apply the skills they are learning to real-world situations. Students also get to interact with the University of Canberra through events like Pi Day to help bridge the work they complete in class to the broader world community.

The Mathematics course develops the numeracy capabilities that all students need in their personal, work and civic life, and provides the fundamentals on which mathematical specialties and professional applications of mathematics are built. Students are encouraged to take up extension and enrichment opportunities, with the ability to access a 10A curriculum course and Australian Mathematics Trust’s mathematics and computational and algorithmic thinking competitions.

Mathspace is an adaptive online mathematics application which is utilised by staff to reinforce normal class activities and for assessment. Students can log on at any time outside of class for additional practice to strengthen their learning. For essential topics in the Maths curriculum, students will have multiple chances to demonstrate their understanding and students can be regrouped to provide extension or support as necessary allowing for adaptive and targeted support for your child.

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Extension Mathematics and Science

This elective aims to consolidate and strengthen the skills taught in Science and Mathematics classes, and enhance problem solving skills. The Science component will focus on improving scientific investigation capabilities through a range of experiments that use specialised equipment. The Maths component will look at improving and developing the students ability in Algebra and Data Analysis. Students will also be introduced to concepts that will be covered in Science and Maths courses at College.

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