Extension Programs

UCHSK offers a Gifted and Talented Program for students who are identified as gifted and/or talented. Known as ‘Beyond’, this program also provides structure and opportunities for enrichment for all students across the school, both within and outside of the classroom.


UCHSK recognises gifted and talented students as having unique educational needs that require additional levels of support and enrichment. We are committed to ensuring that the needs of gifted and talented students are catered for in order for them to reach their educational potential. We recognise the importance of responding to the unique intellectual, academic, creative, social and emotional needs of our Gifted and Talented students.


Gifted and Talented Education at UCHSK is based on the two principles of Enrichment and Inclusion. Students identified as Gifted or Talented should be given opportunities for enrichment in and out of the classroom, in a way that includes these students and all other students in the classroom and enrichment opportunities available within the school.

We aim to be a school that works with students, their families and their teachers to identify targeted interventions and supports that we can provide for these students in a way that suits their individual needs.


A range of data is used to identify students who are gifted and/or talented. This data includes academic results, external standardised rest, PAT testing, external competition results, teacher and parent nomination, and external testing provided by families. Students can be referred to Beyond at any time throughout their time at UCHSK.

Program Structure

Beyond provides 3 main areas of extension and enrichment: