COVID-19 and Safe Return of Students

UCHSK will be taking a sensible, staged approach in the return to on site learning. We recognise that this shift has the potential to cause enormous stress on both students and their families. Please prioritise the wellbeing of students and families at this time. If wellbeing is put first, student learning will follow.

During the return to on site learning, UCHSK seeks to provide as much continuity of learning as possible. Google Classrooms remain the core platform to facilitate students who are continuing with at home learning and maintain connection between students and their teachers and classes. If you are concerned that your child does not have access to one or more of their Google Classrooms, please contact their Year Coordinator via email. All staff contact details are provided at this link.

2021 Year Coordinators are:

·         Year 7 - Tegolin Spink

·         Year 8 - Rourke O’Sullivan

·         Year 9 - Stuart Gilding

·         Year 10 - Brandon Steele

All relevant information about the return to on site learning, at home learning at UCHSK Principal updates and additional supports for families and students can be found using the links below.

Return to on site learning Principal Information

Student Wellbeing ACT Education Directorate Resources