Google Apps for Education

Our dream for what learning looks like at UCHSK is one where students can engage with a world of information and innovation via the web, further their own personal learning opportunities and encourage them to develop their own interests and passions for various issues.

In 2015 we moved into using Google Apps for Education (GAFE). An online platform, GAFE provides a range of applications in a closed online environment owned and managed by the Education Directorate and UCHSK. This suite of apps provides staff and students with access to word processing, spreadsheets, calendars and collaboration tools that automatically save to the cloud (Internet based storage). The cloud allows staff and students access to work, class information and calendars anywhere they have Internet access. At UC High School Kaleen this ensures students can access their work anywhere in the school rather than waiting for their turn in the computer lab and also allows fast and easy collaboration. Students are able to work together without being in the same room and teachers can provide easy access to class work, assignments and feedback.

Google Apps for Education also provides student email service. This email service is hosted on our SchoolsNET domain, enabling better security and oversight. The Directorate also has a new licensing agreement with Microsoft. UC High School Kaleen is committed to providing a technology rich environment for our students as our community believes the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is fundamental in assisting teaching and learning in all areas of the school curriculum.