Farm and Agriculture

Students are provided with great opportunities to develop their understanding of food and fibre production. In partnership with PRIMEZONE they will be exposed to up to date curriculum and industry information.

As part of a US-Australia Virtual Environmental partnership students will learn about water stewardship while partnered with a school in the USA ( School for 2016 is Oak Knoll School of the Holy Child, New Jersey ).

The school’s functioning farm has been designed to enhance accessibility for all student abilities. On the school’s farm, students learn animal care and husbandry amongst a range of livestock and grow produce in the community garden.

The Agriculture Club offers students with particular interest more time on the farm at lunchtimes, before and after school and to assist in the holiday volunteer program to manage the livestock. In the senior years (years 9 & 10) students can extend their learning by taking part in the “statement of attainment in Agrifoods”, a nationally recognized course.