UCHSK School Board

The Board is an integral part of the school based management system established under the Education Act 2005.

The key objective is to secure the best outcomes for all students by providing the opportunities that enable students to attain their full potential.

The role of the Board is to establish strategic direction of the school and:

  • develop policies for the effective use of school assets, budget approval and curriculum review
  • develop relationships between the school and the community,
  • monitor school performance and reporting about it to the Chief Executive, parents and staff.

The Board is elected from the school community and consists of up to three parent members, two teachers, two students, a community representative and the school principal. Meetings are held regularly with negotiation between members during the school terms. We work hard to make sure that meeting times fit into busy schedules.

Members of the school community are welcome to attend meetings.

Please contact the Front Office to confirm the date of the next meeting if you wish to attend.

We are keen to hear about any school related matter whether a suggestion for improvement or a positive comment, your input is most welcome.

UCHSK Board Submission in Response to Towards 2020

The UC High School Kaleen School Board has submitted a formal response to the ACT Government's Towards 2020 Proposals announced in the last budget.

You can see the submissions on the ACT Parents & Citizen's Association website via the following link

ACT P&C Council - Towards 2020 Submissions