Visual Arts

Visual Art engages, inspires and enriches all students. It excites the imagination and encourages creativity and expression.

In Visual Arts, students experience and explore the concepts of artists, artworks, world and audience. Students develop practical skills and critical thinking which inform their work as artists and audience. They learn how to use knowledge, skills, techniques, processes and materials to explore Arts practices and to explore artworks and make their own artworks.

Specific areas of study are flexible and may include 2D (painting, print making, drawing, cartooning) and 3D (sculpture, ceramics, mixed media).  Students will build up a folio of work and accompanying development work in their visual art diary. There is an emphasis on learning and exploring new techniques to express individual themes and ideas through the making of art.  Students will research various artists, art periods and styles and study the influences these have had on artworks and art processes.  Students who have previously completed Art studies will work at a more advanced level than those who are new to this area.

Visual Arts follows the Australian Curriculum. It aims to develop students':

  • critical and creative thinking, aesthetic knowledge and understanding about arts practices through making and responding to artworks
  • arts knowledge and skills to communicate ideas; they represent, express and communicate ideas, imagination and observation both individually and collectively.
  • use of innovative arts practices with available technologies to express and represent ideas
  • understanding of Australia’s histories and traditions through the arts of the history and cultures of artists, craftspeople and designers
  • understanding of local, regional and global cultures, and their arts histories and traditions, through engaging with the world of artists, artworks, audiences and arts professions.

These aims are extended and complemented by specific aims for each arts subject.

Organisation and Content

As students' progress through Visual Art units, key understandings and skills inherent are progressively introduced and built upon.

Year 7 and 8 electives

In Year 7 and 8 students will complete a Visual Art elective as part of the rotation of semester electives.

Year 9/10 electives

In Year 9 and 10 students have the opportunity to select Visual Art within the Year 9/10 elective program.

This elective is for students who are inspired to create.


Students are assessed against achievement standards based upon key concepts. Assessment is based on a combination of assessment items within a unit. These provide students with learning experiences that are relevant, rigorous and meaningful and of interest. Visual Art units are flexible and designed to take into account current and prior learning experiences to provide appropriate learning programs for all students.

Students will develop an assessment portfolio over the course of the semester demonstrating their understanding of the learning outcomes. The portfolio will consist of the following assessment tasks:

  • In class activities both individual and small group (eg Artworks portfolio/Visual Diary/ written tasks)
  • Ongoing assessment within classrooms (eg Visual Diary)
  • Individual artworks with rationales ( Art making )
  • Knowledge and understanding research based written task

Extra-Curricular Activities

Excursions when available to Galleries and public artworks.

Floor talks with Artists as small group excursions (Drill Hall Gallery)

Visual arts camp

Outreach Program through Australian National University Canberra School of Art