Media Arts

Media Art engages, inspires and enriches all students. It excites the imagination and encourages creativity and expression.

In Media Arts students analyse how social and cultural values and alternative points of view are portrayed in media artworks they make, interact with and distribute. They evaluate how genre and media conventions and technical and symbolic elements are manipulated to make representations and meaning. They evaluate how social, institutional and ethical issues influence the making and use of media artworks.

Students produce representations that communicate alternative points of view in media artworks for different community and institutional contexts. They manipulate genre and media conventions and integrate and shape the technical and symbolic elements for specific purposes, meaning and style. They collaboratively apply design, production and distribution processes.

Media Arts follows the Australian Curriculum. It aims to develop students':

  • enjoyment and confidence to participate in, experiment with and interpret the media-rich culture and communications practices that surround them
  • creative and critical thinking, and exploring perspectives in media as producers and consumers
  • aesthetic knowledge and a sense of curiosity and discovery as they explore imagery, text and sound to express ideas, concepts and stories for different audiences
  • knowledge and understanding of their active participation in existing and evolving local and global media cultures.

Organisation and Content

As students' progress through Media Art units, key understandings and skills inherent are progressively introduced and built upon.

Year 7 and 8 electives

In Year 7 and 8 students will complete a Media Art elective as part of the rotation of semester electives.

Year 9/10 electives

In Year 9 and 10 students have the opportunity to select Media Art within the Year 9/10 elective program.


Learning in Media Arts involves students learning to engage with communications technologies and cross-disciplinary art forms to design, produce, distribute and interact with a range of print, audio, screen-based or hybrid artworks. Students explore, view, analyse and participate in media culture from a range of viewpoints and contexts. They acquire skills and processes to work in a range of forms and styles. Students learn to reflect critically on their own and others’ media arts experiences and evaluate media artworks, cultures and contexts. They express, conceptualise and communicate through their media artworks with increasing complexity and aesthetic understanding.

Students will develop an assessment portfolio over the course of the semester demonstrating their understanding of the learning outcomes. The portfolio will consist of the following assessment tasks:

  • In class activities both individual and small group (eg Stop Motion Video Production & Mixed Media Artworks)
  • Ongoing assessment within classrooms (eg Media Arts Process Diary)
  • Individual and small group artworks with rationales
  • Knowledge and understanding research based written task

Extra-Curricular Activities

Excursions when available to Galleries and public artworks.

Visual arts camp