Dance aims to engage, excite, and inspire all students to explore their growth through movement.

In the UC High School Kaleen Dance Program, all students are exposed to dance in varying shapes and forms. Students study the various dance types within the Hip Hop dance culture. They learn about the history, dance skill, technique, and performance elements to understand, explore and create their own forms of artistic expression.

Organisation and Content

All students, Year 7 through to 10, are taught Dance within P.E. They are given the opportunity to understand the foundational aspects of a single dance style, working towards a final routine incorporating those elements.

Year 7/8 Dance Elective

In Years 7/8 students learn about 7 different styles within Hip Hop. They comprehend the cultural importance of the styles, the historical place they hold, how to execute the style effectively, and how to create their own routines within the styles.

Year 9/10 Dance Elective

In Years 9/10 students are given more creative freedom to explore their own movement style. More advanced skills and techniques will be taught; focusing on execution, with student’s fitness and wellbeing also included in the program.

All Years

UC High School Kaleen offers opportunities for performance via a variety of avenues for all students. These include:

  • UCHSK On The Road Tour
  • UCHSK Big Night Out
  • KultureBreak Dance Nation
  • School Assemblies
  • End of Term and Semester Concerts


Students are assessed against achievement standards outlined within the Australian Curriculum. Our program focuses heavily on student’s personal growth. Assessment is achieved through in class written work, student training plans and performance assessments.