Circus is about exploring and demonstrating the human potential. Students develop individual and collaborative skills learnt through acrobatics, juggling, aerials, and the balancing of people or objects. Assessment is through performance, reflection, and research.

Circus aims to: demonstrate potential of plurality in groups; explore performance, devising, and representations to audiences; Encourage goal setting, exploration, and play for learning; Nurture an environment that allows healthy risk taking; students to grow through personal challenges and the rewards of success.


There is a year 7/8 and a year 9/10 elective class. The same four units are studied over each two year period but with greater expectations, depth, and outcomes as students progress through high school. There is an ongoing focus on physical skill development as well as exploring creative practice literacies in both analog and digital environments.

Year A

Semester 1

Style and Substance (genres, context, skills, and representation)

Semester 2

Circus bodies (strength, techniques, training, specificity)

Year B

Semester 1

Social Circus (community engagement and social impact)

Semester 2

Behind the scenes (production and performance,

Warehouse Circus

Warehouse Circus works in collaboration with UC High School Kaleen to offer our students an elective program where they can study circus under the Australian National Curriculum. There is a year 7/8 and 9/10 class, both of which explore skills which are also offered in our core programs. In addition, students gain a solid grounding in the theoretical concepts involved in the performance and production of circus.

You can find out more about Warehouse Circus on their website by following this link.