Physical Education & Health

Our Physical Education program aims to enable students to live healthy lives.

Year 7 students progress through units with the focus on the basic skills of throwing, catching, striking and kicking.

In year 8 the basic skills are reinforced within specific sports along with game tactics and sportsmanship.

During year 9 our students continue to build on sport specific skills. They also organise and run sporting competitions rotating through the roles of administrator, referee, scorer, player, coach, captain, manager and player.

Our year 10 students continue with their skill development through involvement in a variety of sporting competitions. They are also exposed to many community based programs and organisations to encourage a continued active lifestyle.

Personal fitness is a consistent priority throughout all year groups with one lesson a fortnight dedicated entirely to improving an individual’s fitness level.

What Is the PE Uniform?

  • Blue PE T-shirt (available from our uniform store)
  • Blue or black shorts/track pants
  • Appropriate footwear such as laced up joggers
  • Hat
  • Drink bottle
  • Jeans are not acceptable


What Do Students Learn?

Our health program aims to help students make well informed choices about their health.

School Sport

Ours school runs Swimming, X-Country and Athletics carnivals during the year. These combine competitive races with an equal emphasis on fun, community building and participation.

Interschool Sports Competitions

UCHSK participates in a wide range of SSSA sporting competitions. Teams are entered on the basis of student interest and staff availability. Please check the UCHSK calendar or contact the PE Faculty if you have any questions.

PE Electives – Yr 9 & 10

Outdoor Recreation

Our Outdoor Recreation program enables students to safely gain knowledge, enjoyment and experience in a range pursuits. These activities are designed to challenge the students and to help them develop more confidence, maturity and leadership skills.

Our students progress through units on:

  • Orienteering
  • Golf
  • Rock climbing
  • Abseiling
  • Mountain biking

Sports Coaching

Sports Coaching is a Yr 9/10 elective  in which students learn a comprehensive range of skills. Students will have the opportunity to learn coaching principles and study how the body works, performs and reacts to different situations in theory and practice. Both practical and theoretical components will be assessed. The key characteristics are:

Coaching – role and responsibilities, planning, safety, communication and practical experience.

Training principles – exercise physiology, strength & conditioning, flexibility, program design and practical experience.

Body systems – anatomy, structure and function, names, locations and actions.

Sports Injuries - understanding the body and the areas most susceptible to injuries, prevention and treatment.

Drugs in Sport – understanding the effects of the variety of drugs used by athletes and drug testing procedures.

Nutrition - the effects of good nutrition on athletic performance.

Community – planning and execution of community coaching sessions