Studies of Society and Environment (SOSE)


Students at UCHSK complete a full year of study in SOSE, with the content taken from the ‘Humanities and Social Sciences’ Learning Area of the Australian Curriculum. In each year of high school, students will spend a semester studying History, then complete units in Geography, Economics and Business, and Civics and Citizenship.

SOSE is a dynamic and relevant learning area, and links are made with other areas of study and current issues in Australian and world affairs. Our focus is on developing students’ ability to make connections from the past to understand the world in which they live. Assessment is concentrated on developing our students’ inquiry, research and presentation skills.


Students complete a full year of study in SOSE in each year at high school.

At present, all year groups complete the Australian Curriculum History units in Semester one. These units combine a focus on both developing students’ understanding of human history with a range of historical skills. In second semester, students complete the other three ‘Humanities and Social Sciences’ Learning Areas, Geography, Economics and Business, and Civics and Citizenship. Teachers integrate content from units where possible to assist students in making links between different areas of study. In many units there is a focus on collaboration between students. For example, in year 8, students work in small groups to form political parties. They are required to develop an election campaign, with students taking on different roles depending on their interests.


In year 7, students begin with a study of prehistory, before moving on to look at ancient civilisations in Asia and the Mediterranean. Students in year 8 consider the impact of the fall of the Roman Empire then consider a variety of societies, events and developments through to about the year 1750. In year 9, students examine developments in Europe that led to settlement in Australia, before studying the First World War. Students in year 10 then look at events of the inter-war years before examining the Second World War, and the rights and freedoms movements in the USA and Australia.

In second semester, students in each year group will complete one of the two Australian Curriculum Geography units. All classes complete the same unit and common assessment tasks to allow collaboration by teachers and students. Students then complete the Economics and Business and Civics and Citizenship units. Further details of these can be accessed on the Australian Curriculum website.